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Research progress of defective MoS2 for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Chao Liu, Cui Kong, Feng-Jun Zhang, Chun-Mei Kai, Wei-Qin Cai, Xian-Yang Sun, Won-Chun Oh
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2021;58(2):135-147.   Published online March 31, 2021
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s43207-020-00103-3
Nonstoichiometric Effects in the Leakage Current and Electrical Properties of Bismuth Ferrite Ceramics
Jeong Wook Woo, SeungBong Baek, Tae Kwon Song, Myang Hwan Lee, Jamil Ur Rahman, Won-Jeong Kim, Yeon Soo Sung, Myong-Ho Kim, Soonil Lee
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2017;54(4):323-330.   Published online July 27, 2017
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2017.54.4.04
                                 Cited By 11
Design and Preparation of High-Performance Bulk Thermoelectric Materials with Defect Structures
Kyu Hyoung Lee, Sung Wng Kim
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2017;54(2):75-85.   Published online March 31, 2017
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2017.54.2.10
                                 Cited By 17
Structural Control Aiming for High-performance SiC Polycrystalline Fiber
Toshihiro Ishikawa, Hiroshi Oda
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2016;53(6):615-621.   Published online November 30, 2016
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2016.53.6.615
                                 Cited By 10
The Effect of Domain Wall on Defect Energetics in Ferroelectric LiNbO3 from Density Functional Theory Calculations
Donghwa Lee
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2016;53(3):312-316.   Published online May 31, 2016
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2016.53.3.312
                                 Cited By 2
Defect Chemistry of the Mixed Conducting Cage Compound Ca12Al14O33
J. Janek, D.K. Lee
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2010;47(2):99
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2010.47.2.099
         Cited By 10
A Kr öger-Vink Compatible Notation for Defects in Inherently Defective Sublattices
Truls Norby
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2010;47(1):19
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2010.47.1.019
         Cited By 31
Defect Structure, Nonstoichiometry and Nonstoichiometry Relaxation of Complex Oxides
Han-Ill Yoo
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2007;44(12):660
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2007.44.1.660
         Cited By 1
Effects of Yttria and Calcia Co-Doping on the Electrical Conductivity of Zirconia Ceramics
Jong-Sook Lee, Dong-Kyu Shin, Byung-Yun Choi, Jung-Kwang Jeon, Sung-Hwan Jin, Kwon-Hee Jung, Pyung-An An, Sun-Ju Song
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2007;44(12):655
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2007.44.1.655
         Cited By 1
Structural Characteristic of One Dimensional Single Crystalline of InN Nanowires
Yun-Ki Byeun, Yong-Keun Chung, Sang-Hoon Lee, Sung-Churl Choi
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2007;44(4):202
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2007.44.4.202
         Cited By 1
Defect Detection of Ceramic Heating Plate Using Ultrasound Pulse Thermography
Jai-Wan Cho, Yong-Chil Seo, Seung-Ho Jung, Seung-Ho Kim, Hyun-Kyu Jung
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2006;43(4):259
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2006.43.4.259
         Cited By 1
The Effects of Suspension Composition on Defects in Aqueous Tape Casting of Alumina Ceramics
Hyo-Soon Shin
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2004;41(9):647
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2004.41.9.647
Characteristics on EL Properties and Phase Transformation Caused by Artificial Defects on the ZnS:Cu Blue Phosphor for ACPEL
이명진, 전애경, 이지영, 윤기현
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2004;41(5):406
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2004.41.5.406
Rheological and Debinding Properties of Al2O3/Paraffin Wax/High Density Polyethylen System Mixture by Injection Molding
김승겸, 신대용, 한상목, 강위수
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2004;41(5):395
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2004.41.5.395
Fiber Drawing Induced Defects in Silica Optical Fiber
안병길, 이종원, 김효태
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2003;40(11):1102
DOI: https://doi.org/10.4191/kcers.2003.40.11.1102
Crystal Structure Analysis of Uranium Oxides
김정석, 최용남, 이창희, 김시향, 이영우
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2001;38(11):967
On Electric Field Induced Processes in Ionic Compounds
H. Schmalzried
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2001;38(6):499
Effect of Sintering Atmosphere on the Electrical and Chemical Characteristics of the Grain Boundaries of $SrTiO_3$Ceramics Prepared from Semiconducting powders
박명범, 조남희
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2000;37(12):1150
Comments on "Synthesis of ZnO:Zn Phosphors with Reducing Atmosphere and Their Luminescence Properties"
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2000;37(7):726
Defect Structure and Electrical Conductivities of $SrCe_{0.95}Yb_{0.05}O_3$
최정식, 이도권, 유한일
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 2000;37(3):271
Electrical Properties and Defect Types of Nb-doped $TiO_2$
이순일, 백승봉, 김명호
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1999;36(12):1335
Processing and Characterization of a Direct Bonded SOI using SiO$_2$ Thin Film
유연혁, 최두진
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1999;36(8):863
Sintering of Layer Structure Materials: Effect of Starting Material on Sintering Defects and Residual Stress
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1999;36(1):61
Effect of Temperature Gradient on the Defects of Nd;YAG Single Crystal Grown by Czochralski Method
김한태, 배소익, 이상호, 정수진
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1997;34(10):1015
Effect of Dopants on the Microwave Dielectric Properties of $(1-x)MgTiO_3-xCaTiO_3$ Ceramics
우동찬, 이희영, 한주환, 김태홍, 최태구
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1997;34(8):843
Interfacial Characteristics of $beta$-SiC Film Growth on (100) Si by LPCVD Using MTS
최두진, 김준우
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1997;34(8):825
The Effect of the Microdefects in Czoscralski Si wafer on Thin Oxide Failures
박진성, 이우선, 김갑식, 문종하, 이은구
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1997;34(7):699
A High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Study on the Lattice Defects Formed in the High Energy P Ion Implanted Silicon
장기완, 이정용, 조남훈, 노재상
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1995;32(12):1377
A Study on Zirconia/Metal Functionally Gradient Materials by Sintering Method (III)
정연길, 최성철, 박철원
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1995;32(12):1337
EFfect of Molding Temperature and Debinding Conditions on Fabrication of Alumina Component by Injection Molding
임형택, 임대순
J. Korean Ceram. Soc. 1995;32(5):559
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